Workshop Materials

9:00 AM EDT

Welcome remarks - Doug Noonan

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9:15 AM - 10:30 AM EDT

Panel A1: Arts entrepreneurship in the field

Café as a Place of Cultural Innovation
Hyesun Jeong*, The University of Texas at Arlington

Howling to Gen-Z: The Immersive ARTrepreneurship of Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf
Rebecca Kemper* & Justin Meyer, The Ohio State University

Art Therapy Exhibitions as Hubs of Innovation, Dissemination, and Community Engagement
Girija Kaimal*, Drexel University

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Panel B1: Arts interventions

Theatre as an Intervention for Empathy Development
Jonathan Stewart*, James Madison University

Pedagogical Approach Influences Fourth Graders’ Justifications for Visual Art Education
Jillian Hogan* & Ellen Winner, Boston College

Anyone Can Improvise: The ABCs of Jazz Education
Monika Herzig*, Indiana University - O’Neill School

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10:45 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Panel A2: Organizations, arts, and entrepreneurs

The show must go on: Virtual cinema in art house movie theaters at the confluence of COVID-19 and the digital age
Ying Li*, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The gestation of new nonprofit arts organizations
Jamie Levine Daniel* & Fredrik O. Andersson, IUPUI - O’Neill School

Artists as Public Sector Intrapreneurs: An Experiment
Jessica Sherrod Hale* & Joanna Woronkowicz, Indiana University - O’Neill School

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Panel B2: Curriculum and Capital on Campus

Reframing the Arts within the Liberal Arts Community
Sarah Archino*, Marta Lanier, & Ross McClain, Furman University

Strategic alignment in arts higher education: embedding core competencies the artists must possess to survive in a portfolio economy
Jeremy Peters*, Wayne State University

Unpacking the Entrepreneurial Skills Gap: Educational Experiences and Career Outcomes among Arts Graduates
Alexandre Frenette* & Megan Robinson, Vanderbilt University
Rachel Skaggs, The Ohio State University

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12:15 PM - 1:30 PM EDT

Panel A3: Early-stage arts entrepreneurs

Artists’ Incubators: A Taxonomy of Forms Across Curation, Enablement, and Investment
Amy Whitaker*, New York University

Arts Majors as Entrepreneurs and Innovators
Greg Wassall* & Neil Alper, Northeastern University
Richard Paulsen, The University of Vermont

Flocking to the Crowd: Homophily, Market size, or Amenities
Doug Noonan*, IUPUI - O’Neill School
Shiri Breznitz & Sana Maqbool, University of Toronto

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Panel B3: Arts entrepreneurship education

Co-Designing a Community-Based Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum for Artists and Creatives
Olaf Kuhlke*, University of Minnesota Duluth
Timothy J. Pasch, University of North Dakota
Jeremiah J. Kelley

Self-Directed Learning on the Runway to Crafts Entrepreneurship
Aparna Katre*, University of Minnesota Duluth
Meng Gang, Ocean University of China

Blank Canvas: Explorative Behaviour and Personal Agency in the Arts Entrepreneurship Classroom
Ben Toscher*, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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1:45 PM - 3:15 PM EDT

Panel A4: Thinking about arts in entrepreneurship

The Story and the Data: Entrepreneurship in Creative Economy Reports
Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller* & Rachel Skaggs, The Ohio State University

The relationship between state-level arts involvement, cognitive outcomes, and innovation
Jeff Barbee* & Sara Konrath, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy - IUPUI

Building Bridges in Arts Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Review of the Art in Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship in Art
Adrienne Callander* & Michael Cummings, University of Arkansas

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Panel A5: Creativity, risk, and arts entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding cultural and commercial ventures: an empirical study on rewards and backer motivation
Tobias Bürger*, University of Wuppertal
Simon Kleinert, Maastricht University

Creativity, Risk, Exploration and Social Values
Bronwyn Coate*, Swee Hoon Chuah, & Pia Arenius, RMIT University

Coming Attractions: Mobility among Arts-related Crowdfunders
Doug Noonan*, IUPUI - O’Neill School
Shiri Breznitz & Sana Maqbool, University of Toronto

What Does it Take for Creative Workers to Pivot? Leveraging Intangible Resources to Pivot after a Failure
Jared Allen*, University of Central Florida
Regan Stevenson, Indiana University - Kelley School
T. Wang

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