Affiliated Degree Programs

The Center for Cultural Affairs provides training opportunities for future scholars and leaders in cultural affairs through PhD research assistantships, a Fellowship program, and post-doctoral affiliations. The CCA also provides research and administrative opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students primarily through assistantships and practicum projects. These opportunities enhance students’ experiential learning in the arts administration and management and public affairs academic programs at the O’Neill School.

Ph.D. in Public Affairs

The Ph.D. in Public Affairs program at the O'Neill School will equip you with research and analytical skills to produce knowledge that helps address the complex problems facing society. You’ll be prepared to lead for the greater good, whether in academia or as a practitioner.

Fellowship in Cultural Affairs

The Center for Cultural Affairs has established a fellowship program that recruits students specifically interested in cultural affairs research through the Ph.D. in Public Affairs program at the O’Neill School. Fellows are supported by the CCA throughout their coursework and dissertation stage. Students must first be accepted into the Ph.D. in Public Affairs program.

Enrolled fellows will also have the opportunity to work directly with O'Neill faculty with expertise in the many facets of cultural affairs and arts administration research including CCA faculty directors: Joanna Woronkowicz, Michael Rushton, and Doug Noonan.

Doctoral Minor in Arts Administration

Whether you want to understand how to apply empirical research methods in cultural affairs or build your management skills while pursuing a degree in the arts, this program is uniquely positioned to complement your doctoral studies. The unique blend of arts and cultural policy courses and arts management courses gives you the opportunity to build a personalized portfolio of courses that can give you the research tools and management skills needed to thrive in the arts and culture field. This minor pairs well with the Ph.D. in Public Affairs program, doctoral degrees from the Jacobs School, as well as degrees in sociology, ethnomusicology, arts education, and the humanities.

Doctoral students take four courses, 12 credit hours at the graduate level from O’Neill’s offerings in Arts Administration, chosen in consultation with the program director, Karen Gahl-Mills, and meant to fit your career interests. Depending on your major field of study and level of quantitative experience, you may be directed to enroll in the Doctoral Seminar in Cultural Affairs in place of one of your four arts administration courses.

Masters of Arts in Arts Administration (MAAA)

As a MAAA student, you’ll learn from top scholars in arts management and cultural policy. In addition to being committed educators, O'Neill School faculty members are highly regarded by their peers in the arts management industry and at academic institutions across the country. Combining faculty and practical expertise with the astonishing variety of cultural offerings on campus and in Bloomington, students can look forward to an intellectually and culturally stimulating experience in the study and practice of arts management, while preparing themselves for leadership in the arts in the decades ahead.

Master of Public Affairs (MPA)

You’ll learn how to address society’s complex, interconnected problems through a traditional public administration and policy analysis curriculum blended with recent academic advances in leadership and governance. And, you’ll graduate with the skills you will need for a career in any sector—public, private, or nonprofit.

MAAA-MPA Dual Degree

As a MAAA-MPA dual degree student you get the best of both worlds from this unique combination of a Master of Arts in Arts Administration and a Master of Public Affairs with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. You will develop skills in quantitative analysis, public sector management, budgeting, and public policy while also gaining expertise in arts management, marketing, law, and cultural policy.

Bachelor of Science in Arts Management (BSAM)

With a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management degree, your coursework will cover arts marketing, finance, nonprofit management, law, and major selections that focus on your interests. You'll learn the fundamentals of running an arts organization, while specializing in specific arts area, such as Fine Arts, Theatre and Dance, Music, Anthropology, or Folklore and Ethnomusicology. This individualized degree, which is also a major, lets you tailor your degree to your passions and career goals.