The Digest

Issue 7: Summer 2023

Kathryn Graddy, Lara Loewenstein, Jianping Mei, Mike Moses, and Rachel A. J. Pownall

Empirical evidence of anchoring and loss aversion from art auctions | Download

Journal for Cultural Economics

Javier J. Hernández Acosta

New Ways of Supporting Arts Entrepreneurship | Download


Felix Koenig

Technical Change and Superstar Effects: Evidence from the Rollout of Television | Download

American Economic Review

Tin Cheuk Leung, Shi Qi

Globalization and the rise of action movies in hollywood | Download

Journal for Cultural Economics

Giacomo Negro, Balázs Kovács, and Glenn R. Carroll

What's Next? Artists' Music after Grammy Awards | Download | Download Supplement

American Sociological Review

Greig de Peuter, Kate Oakley, and Madison Trusolino

The pandemic politics of cultural work: collective responses to the COVID-19 crisis 

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Jeffrey Pompe and Lawrence Tamburri

The symphony orchestra in the time of COVID-19: will American orchestras rise from the ashes? | Download

Cultural Trends

Javier Reyes-Martínez & Carlos Andrade-Guzmán

Factors associated with the attendance at cultural events in Mexico during the covid-19 pandemic 

Cultural Trends

Charles Seguin

The origins of hits: Cumulative advantage vs. multiplicative returns in cultural markets | Download


Michael L. Siciliano

Intermediaries in the age of platformized gatekeeping: The case of YouTube "creators" and MCNS in the U.S. | Download


Antonio C. Cuyler, Evan Linett, Quanice Floyd, Joshua Jenkins, and Gabriela Shutt

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Black, Indigenous, Artists and Arts Administrators of Color in the U. S. | Download

Kenneth Elpus

Access to arts education in America: the availability of visual art, music, dance, and theater courses in U.S. high schools | Download

Arts Education Policy Review

Gillian Gualtieri

Is cuisine art? Considering art and craft as conceptual categories in American fine dining 


Marta Herrero and Simone Kraemer

Beyond survival mode: Organizational resilience capabilities in nonprofit arts and culture fundraising during the Covid-19 pandemic  | Download

Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Kwan Woo Kim and Phillipa K. Chong

Writing by women or for women? Either way, You're less likely to be reviewed | Download


Abigail LeBlanc and Stephen Sheppard

Women artists: gender, ethnicity, origin and contemporary prices | Download

Journal of Cultural Economics

Qiaozhen Liu and Mirae Kim

Benefit-Based Revenue Streams and Financial Health: The Case of Arts and Cultural Nonprofits | Download

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Alisa V. Moldavanova, Lauren Meloche and T. Lyke Thompson

Understanding the geography of access to cultural amenities: The case of Metropolitan Detroit | Download

Journal of Urban Affairs 

Adam Ratzlaff

Birds of a feather?: Lessons on U.S. cultural diplomacy from Walt Disney during the Good Neighbor Policy

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Michael L. Siciliano

How gatekeeping became digital: infrastructural barriers to participation in conventional and platformized cultural production | Download

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Ying Zhen

Career challenges facing musicians in the United States

Journal of Cultural Economics 


Miranda Campbell

Reimagining the creative industries in the community arts sector

Cultural Trends

Matthew L. Jacobsmeier

Public opinion on government funding of the arts in the United States: demographic and political factors | download

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Sharon Koppman

Different Like Me: Why Cultural Omnivores Get Creative Jobs | download

Administrative Science Quarterly

Michael Newall and Eleen M. Deprez

Titian: Love, Desire, Death

The British Journal of Aesthetics

Jennifer L. Novak-Leonard, Rachel Skaggs, and Megan Robinson

Innovative and artistic: Conceptions of creativity among the American public


Richard J. Paulsen

Arts majors and the Great Recession: a cross-sectional analysis of educational choices and employment outcomes

Journal of Cultural Economics

Stan Renard and Gianluca Zanella

The Network Effect of Arts Incubators: A Geospatial Perspective

Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts

Johanna K. Taylor

Art Practice as Policy Practice: Framing the Work of Artists Embedded in Government

The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

Qingfang Wang and Lyneir Richardson

Fostering Art and Cultural Entrepreneurship in Underserved Communities: A Case Study of Newark, NJ

Journal of Planning Education and Research

Amanda J. Ashley

The Micropolitics of Performance: Pop-up Art as a Complementary Method for Civic Engagement and Public Participation | download

Journal of Planning Education and Research

Jennifer Benoit-Bryan

A Time of Crisis: A National Survey of Arts and Culture during COVID-19 with a Focus on Black or African American and Hispanic Voices | download

Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy

S. Coman & M.P. Opazo

A canon of one's own: A comparative analysis of cultural production in gastronomy and the visual arts


Allègre L. Hadida, Joseph Lampel, W. David Walls & Amit Joshi

Hollywood studio filmmaking in the age of Netflix: a tale of two institutional logics

Journal of Cultural Economics

R. Andrew Luccasen III & M. Kathleen Thomas

Voluntary taxation and the arts

Journal of Cultural Economics

Xiangyu Ma

What are the temporal dynamics of taste?


Kevin V. Mulcahy

Cultural Darwinism and the Perils of Privatization: The Case of American Museums | download

Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

Jessi Streib, Jane Rochmes, Felicia Arriaga, Carlos Tavares & Emi Weed

Class and the cultural styles applicants present to gatekeepers


Amy Whitaker, Anne Bracegirdle, Susan de Menil, Michelle Ann Gitlitz & Lena Saltos

Art, antiquities, and blockchain: new approaches to the restitution of cultural heritage | Article Summary ENCATC Magazine

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Fenghua Zhang & Pascal Courty

The China museum visit boom: Government or demand driven? | download

Journal of Cultural Economics

Victoria Durrer, Grace Kelly, Martina McKnight & Dirk Schubotz

Exploring young people’s understanding of culture: a study from Northern Ireland

Cultural Trends

B. Kathleen Gallagher

Passing the Hat to Pay the Piper: Alternative Mechanisms for Publicly Funding the Arts

The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

Michael Jensen & Heeyon Kim

Reaching for the stars: The importance of reputational rank in creative career development | download


Hyesun Jeong & Matt Patterson

Starchitects in Bohemia: An Exploration of Cultural Cities from the “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” | download

Urban Affairs Review

Declan Martin & Carl Grodach

Placing production in urban cultural policy: The locational patterns of cultural industries and related manufacturing | download

Journal of Urban Affairs

Rachel Skaggs

Socializing Rejection and Failure in Artistic Occupational Communities | download

Work and Occupations

Michael Thom

Do State Corporate Tax Incentives Create Jobs? Quasi-experimental Evidence from the Entertainment Industry | download

State and Local Government Review

Joel Waldfogel

Dining out as cultural trade | download

Journal of Cultural Economics

Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach

What role for culture in the age of sustainable development? UNESCO’s advocacy in the 2030 Agenda negotiations 

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Timothy R. Wojan & Timothy F. Slaper

Are the problem spaces of economic actors increasingly virtual? What geo-located web activity might tell us about economic dynamism | download


Daniel H. Bowen & Brian Kisida

Arts education partnerships: sources of harmony and dissonance with cultural institutions’ collaborative efforts

Cultural Trends

Susan Dumais

The cultural practices of first-generation-college graduates: the role of childhood cultural exposure

Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media, and the Arts

Juan Carlos G. Lopez

Cultural workers and the character of cities

The Annals of Regional Science

Susan Conkling & Brian Kaufman

Equality and quality: the influence of private funds in public arts education in Boston and Baltimore

Arts Education Policy Review (UK)

Thomas Calkins

More than sound: record stores in majority black neighborhoods in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit, 1970-2010

City and Community

Xioanan Kou, Sara Konrath, & Thalia Goldstein

The relationship among different types of arts engagement, empathy, and prosocial behavior

Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts

Pascal Courty

Ticket resale, bots, and the fair price ticketing curse

Journal of Cultural Economics

Gilbert Gagne

Trade and culture: the United States

International Journal of Cultural Policy

Jacqueline Malzone

Who cares about the modern creator?

DePaul Journal of Art, Technology, and Intellectual Property Law

Christopher Chavez

Whose is the voice of the American public? Latinx speech and the standard language ideology of public radio

Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies