Humanities in Cultural Affairs

Jane Goodman
Professor, Anthropology

The third and final Humanities in Cultural Affairs (HICA) workshop, “Can the Arts Change the World? New Perspectives on the Problems and Possibilities of Cultural Exchange,” will be chaired by Jane Goodman, Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University (IU).

According to Goodman, “Our workshop seeks to envision new ways of imagining cultural exchange through the arts with an eye toward mutuality, reciprocity, and respect. We ask: How can we imagine more collaborative forms of artistic exchange? What might such engagements look like? We take inspiration from the work of contemporary scholar-artists engaged in cross-cultural creative encounters including touring, performance,  experiential classes, and related artistic events. The workshop critiques neocolonial legacies of international orders and ongoing settler colonialism within nation-states, considering how both have used cultural exchange to reinforce rather than eliminate hierarchies and exclusions. Instead, we examine the work of artists, non-state actors, and bottom-up initiatives that counter established orders.” Goodman continues by saying, “The workshop itself instantiates exchange, as we bring scholars and scholar-artists from institutions in the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia into dialogue with locally based musicians.”

The HICA program will run from late afternoon on Thursday, April 4, including a visit to the outdoor “First Thursdays” festival hosted on the IU Bloomington campus by the IU Arts and Humanities Council. The visit to the “First Thursdays” festival showcases a 45-minute performance from 7:15pm-8:00pm by Salaam, a local Middle Eastern musical group from Bloomington. The workshop continues on Friday, April 5, when participants will discuss their research on cultural exchange through the arts. The workshop concludes with a performance and discussion with Dena El Saffar and Tim Moore from Salaam. The events on Friday will take place in the Grand Hall at Indiana University’s Cook Center for Public Arts and Humanities.

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Dr. Michelle Bigenho, Professor in Anthropology, Africana & Latin American Studies, and Native American Studies; Director, Native American Studies Program - Colgate University

Dr. Maria Rijo Lopes da Cunha, External Lecturer in the Department for Arts and Cultural Studies - University of Copenhagen

Dr. Fiorella Montero-Diaz, Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology - Keele University (UK)

Dr. Kendra Salois, Assistant Professor in Performing Arts - American University

Dena El Saffar and Tim Moore, from the musical group Salaam

The Humanities in Cultural Affairs project has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional support has been provided by Indiana University's College Arts and Humanities Institute and through the Public Arts and Humanities grant program.


Artwork credit: Banner image by photographer, James Brosher.