Keynote Bios

Brett Crawford
Brett Crawford is an Associate Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and runs the Arts Management and Technology Laboratory, a research center at Heinz College. Her research interests focus on the arts but cross many areas: arts management, audience engagement /user experience, technology in the arts, climate, and social justice. Most recently she published Raising the Curtain: Technology Success Stories from Performing Arts leaders and Artists with co-author Paul Hansen.
Linden Walcott-Burton
Linden Walcott-Burton is a Culture Policy Officer for the Mayor of London for the Greater London Authority, in the Culture, Creative Industries and 24 Hour London Strategy Team. He is the lead official for artificial intelligence in the creative industries.

In 2023, he conducted a piece of research to explore the impacts of AI to the creative industries. His work explored the opportunities and risks of AI across seven major sectors – music, performing arts, visual arts, videogames, film, fashion and museums; as well as the impact of chatbot technology. He has since presented his work to over 1,000 people globally, including at the World City Culture Forum conference in São Paulo, Brazil. His online presentation in December, introduced by London’s Deputy Mayor of Culture, Justine Simons OBE, had attendees from 29 countries and 55 cities (excluding the UK).

He is now working with the creative industries to inform them of the current and future impacts of AI, to support them in maximising the benefits of the technology, while preparing for its challenges.